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The Halal Guys Boosts Guest Satisfaction with Performance Management in Tattle

How The Halal Guys Improves YoY Guest Satisfaction by 10% Using Tattle’s Objectives and Benchmarking tools.

Arthur Sabedra, VP of Ops

Tattle has helped us move away from secret shoppers and get actual customer reviews.

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The Challenge

Lack of Strategy and Process to Translate Feedback into Action

After collecting feedback for many years with the intent of improving operations, traditional feedback platforms were unable to create strategy or process for all team members. The Halal Guys needed a tool that — beyond just collecting feedback data — enables the team to set goals and manage performance across all team members (Execs, DMs, and GMs), so that each location could steadily improve on high-impact areas month over month.

Furthermore, The Halal Guys needed and internal communications system that allows managers to align teams on performance goals, and send automated update notifications to all 200+ team members. This would ensure transparency and prevents confusion / ambiguity on what the team should prioritize each month.

The Tattle Solution

Setting Objectives Based on AI-Driven Improvement Recommendations

Tattle automatically identifies the top priorities for improvements for each location, which the DM or GM can set as the Objective for the team for that month. For example, if Tattle identifies “Speed of Service” as the top opportunity, that means an improvement in the Speed of Service rating will most likely increase guest satisfaction and revenue by the greatest extent.

Once an objective is set, Tattle will display the top factors that contribute to issues in that operational category, so the team knows exactly what to improve on.

Each month, Tattle sends 3 automated emails to the entire team:

  • Objective Kickoff: Team alignment on goals
  • Mid-month Progress: An update on key metric changes
  • End-of-month Result: Performance update
The halal guys setting objectives in tattle for performance management

Monthly Objective Notification Eamil Examples:

tattle monthly objective notification email_kickoff
tattle monthly objective notification email_mid-month update
tattle monthly objective notification email_result
AI-Driven Improvement Recommendations

Tattle surveys ask guests to rate the specific factors contributing to a positive or negative experience, and uses Machine Learning to recommend the top opportunities for improvement.

This means Tattle automatically translates data into actionable items. Based on each location’s unique feedback data, Tattle will identify their top opportunities to act on that will most likely boost customer satisfaction and revenue. Such data was able to shed light on issues that weren’t even issues at all, giving the management team more space to focus on problem areas only.

Moreover, the dashboard is incredibly easy to use, which means all levels of managers and operators can actively engage in understanding the insights from data, based on the permission level they’re assigned.

3Fifteen Tattle 3Fifteen Tattle factor in operational categories

The Results

The Halal Guys found the best of both worlds within Tattle: a powerful feedback collection and analytics platform, as well as a performance management tool that bridges the gap between insights, action and results. With different access levels for the executive, DMs and GMs, it’s now easier than ever to monitor performance at each location, and benchmark across locations internally.


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“Tattle has helped us to get more actual customer reviews and move away from the twice-a-month secret shoppers that didn’t fool anyone.”

Arthur Sabedra

VP of Operations, The Halal Guys

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