Case Study

Starbird Chicken Establishes Consistent, Reliable Feedback Approach with Tattle

How Starbird Chicken moved away from an incomplete view of the guest experience to a centralized customer experience management approach.

Maya Pocock, Marketing Specialist

We now have correspondence with our customers that we didn’t have before.

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The Challenge

Lack of a Consistent Feedback Mechanism

Starbird Chicken wasn’t utilizing any specific platform for feedback. Through scattered Yelp and Google reviews, the team was gathering incomprehensive information from their customers and were struggling to formulate a strategy for improvement.

With unreliable sources and scarce reviews to sift through, Starbird felt stagnant in their approach to feedback. They wanted to be closer to their customers and had no avenue to accomplish that connection. Without a dashboard or database to track these interactions, Starbird was unable to organize their feedback or internal correspondence to gain insights into the customer experience.

The Tattle Solution

Centralized Feedback Collection Within One Dashboard

Adopting Tattle as their feedback platform allowed Starbird to see the feedback in a streamlined and easy to understand way. In the Dashboard, users are able to look at their specific locations, track what feedback is coming in, and respond accordingly in real time.

Maya Pocock, Marketing Specialist at Starbird Chicken said: “…with Tattle, I know that what the customers are saying is accurate because every location and time stamp is included in the feedback submission. We aren’t just getting negative, random reviews on social media any more. Now we have real customers attached to real experiences.”

starbird chicken tattle case study

With each incident (customer who rates 3 stars or below), the team can automatically, or manually, follow up with a personalized note along with rewards to recover guests and nurture long-term loyalty. With full transparency and visibility into how each incident is handled, Starbird Chicken is able to have a deeper understanding of each customer behind each experience, and build a stronger relationship with their guests like never before. 

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The Results

The significant jump in feedback volume has been illuminating for the team.

“I take great pride in being able to respond to every Tattle we get. I know that in the future, the process will be somewhat automated, but for now as we are just getting started, seeing the effects of these kinds of interactions with our customers has been eye opening. They want to give feedback and appreciate that personalized reciprocation from us,” said Pocock.

Starbird has been able to achieve an incident rate that’s 5% lower than industry average, and was able to recover 377 customers within a year. 



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“With Tattle, we aren’t just getting negative, random reviews on social media any more. Now we have real customers attached to real experiences.”

Maya Pocock

Marketing Specialist, Starbird Chicken

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