Case Study

MOD Pizza Achieves Record-High Guest Recovery With Tattle

Industry: Pizza, Fast Casual

Integration: Olo, Punchh

Locations: 500+

Partner since: 2019

alicia alfi, sr. manager of strategy & analytics

Tattle has become our “center of gravity”.

Mod Pizza store

The Challenge

MOD Pizza wished to move away from their traditional CSAT provider towards a provider that inspires more engagement from DMs and GMs — specifically when it comes to improving guest satisfaction and recovering dissatisfied guests with apology emails and rewards at their locations.

Moreover, they wanted to create accountability among the team, to make sure that each guest is treated with the personalized attention they deserve, so that MOD could drive greater retention and recovery over time.

Mod Pizza store

The Tattle Solution

Blaze pizza tattle survey and dashboard

1. Incident Management

For optimal coaching and performance, MOD Pizza leverages Tattle’s Guest Incident Management capabilities in order to measure DM and GM accountability, specifically by tracking metrics such as:

  • Incident Rate (%)
  • Average Time to Review an Incident
  • Average Time to Respond to an Incident
  • Average Reply Rate (%)
  • Average Satisfaction With Apology Rate (%)
  • Guest Recovery Rate.

Through Tattle’s integration with Punchh, MOD Pizza was able to send guests Free Pizza Punchh in order to recover dissatisfied customers and retain existing customer.

2. Simple, Intuitive Dashboard

MOD Pizza chose Tattle due to their simple and intuitive dashboard, which requires minimal training of all 550+ of the executives, District Managers and General Managers.

This has been able to inspire higher engagement among the teams, which leads to better guest recovery efforts. District Managers now have concrete metrics and action items to have productive conversations about the Objectives with their location managers.

Blaze pizza tattle survey and dashboard

3. High GM Engagement

For General Managers, one of the key metrics for their understanding of how well their location is doing is the Customer Experience Rating (CER), viewable in the Tattle Dashboard.

Because engagement within the Tattle Dashboard continued to grow, it sparked an internal competition known as the ‘Tattle Paddle”. The paddle is awarded to the location with the best CER score, a recognition coveted by GMs company-wide.

The Results

MOD was able to recover $11,017,440 in guest detraction, and achieve a 100% Incident Reply Rate with more transparent performance monitoring.

The average DM logged into their dashboard 10x weekly and the average GM 15x weekly.


incident reply rate


avg satisfaction with apology rate


survey completion rate

“Tattle has become our center of gravity. Overnight, we went from 10% off-premise revenue to roughly 80% across our 500 locations. Without Tattle, tracking performance, improvement, and positioning the guest experience as a cultural cornerstone of our business would be nearly impossible.”

Alicia Alfi

Sr. Manager of Strategy & Analytics, MOD Pizza

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