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Fresh Brothers Gains Real-Time Feedback and Actionable Insights With Tattle

How Fresh Brothers was able to collect real-time feedback, make focused improvements and hold managers accountable within a single dashboard.

Geoff Goodman, CEO

Our managers are now focused on data rather than opinion.

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The Challenge

Lack of a Real-Time and Reliable Feedback

Fresh Brothers lacked the real-time data they needed in order to properly measure, understand and correct issues within their operations. Although the company tried using mystery shoppers, they don’t accurately represent their real customers and weren’t able to surface the root causes of any guest experience issues. As a result, Fresh Brothers struggled to identify what mattered most to their guests.

In addition, Fresh Brothers wanted to build a customer-centric culture and buil more accountability among their location managers. They were hoping to find a solution that encourages teams to stay engaged and activately participate in building a better customer experience.

Fresh Brothers tattle case study

The Tattle Solution

Real-Time, Data-Driven Feedback Based On Real Customers

By eliminating their mystery shopper program and switching exclusively to Tattle, Fresh Brothers now had the mechanism to get the insights they needed. The Tattle Dashboard allowed the Fresh Brothers team to leverage guest insights to make actionable decisions towards improving their overall Customer Experience Rating (CER).

They could now see problem areas separated out by category, as well as factors that affect each category. For example, the Tattle survey allows them to uncover whether a negative “Pick-up” experience was due to long distance, or locating the curbside.

Such granular data helped them uncover nuances within the guest experience and specific concerns that they didn’t even realize were significant. Fresh Brothers is now able to train their staff specifically to issues that come to light and soon, and see the effect of such training when their top problematic areas steadily receive a lower incident involvement rate.

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Holding Teams Accountable with Objectives

Tattle also allows operations managers to set monthly objectives based on the Opportunity Rank calculated by Tattle’s machine learning alogrithm, and track progress across locations over time. They can even write down specific action items to focus on for each opportunity, and make sure that the entire team is on the same page.

This has allowed Fresh Brothers to keep their GMs and DMs accountable and drive measurable improvement.

farmer boys using tattle objectives case study
Building a Customer-Centric Culture

The Customer Incidents tab allowed the Fresh Brothers team to see exactly when and where an incident occurred. It also showed them just how well the management team was responding to guests as well as when they were recovered.

“Tattle has given us the real-time data and insights we needed in order to transform the way in which we listen to and respond to our guest’s feedback. Our managers are now focused on data rather than opinion. It’s now all about driving accountability to the guest who is the ultimate judge of performance. The teams check their progress daily, and have developed a passion for improvement. At the core, at all levels of the organization, because of the Tattle dashboard, we are now fully accountable to the guest,” said Geoff Goodman, CEO of Fresh Brothers,

Tattle incident management and communication with customers

The Results

Because of Tattle, Fresh Brothers revitalized their brand’s culture to one where the guest is at the center of everything they do. As a result, they’ve seen steady progress in their Customer Experience Rating (CER), and have built made the team fully accountable to what ultimately matters the most — the satisfaction of their customers.


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“At the core, at all levels of the organization, because of the Tattle dashboard, we are now fully accountable to the guest.”

Geoff Goodman,

CEO, Fresh Brothers

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