Case Study

Bluestone Lane Upgrades from Scattered Online Reviews to Actionable Feedback Data

How Bluestone Lane moved from sporadic social media reviews to reliable customer feedback that drives real operational changes.

Tom Selementi, SVP

What Tattle has created is transformational.

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The Challenge

Scattered and Sporadic Reviews Failed to Result in Action
Bluestone Lane was suffering from ‘digital burnout’ from social media reviews. Unsure of when a review was coming in, which location it was meant for, or even what the exact issues were, they couldn’t take operational actions based on social media reviews alone. In addition, given the sporadic and anecdotal nature of online reviews, the team struggled to get a complete picture of the overall guest experience, and there was often lots of confusion around what to improve on. Such ambiguous, negative reviews inevitably lowered the team morale organization-wide.

The Tattle Solution

Centralized Survey Collection

Guests ordering via Olo channels (Dispatch & Order Ahead) receive an automated survey through Tattle, pre-populated with unique transaction data (location, time, ordering channel etc.). The intuitive surveys are super easy to fill out, and uncovers factors beyond ambiguous actegories. For example, instead of simply asking for an overall rating of Hospitality, Tattle will go on to ask about specific factors such as Greeting, Enthusiasm, Farewell etc. to understand what contributed to a positive or negative Hospitality score.

The surveys are fully customizable to each location, and on average achieve a 94.3% completion rate.

Bluestone lane Tattle survey and dashboard
Simple, Intuitive Dashboard

Bluestone Lane also chose Tattle due to the simple and intuitive dashboard, which requires minimal training of all executives, District Managers and General Managers. This has been able to inspire higher engagement among the teams, and build a better data-centric, customer-centric culture.

The Results

The location-specific data has empowered Bluestone Lane’s operations teams to make real, high-impact changes. Within weeks, feedback collection increased from previously 1-2 social media reviews a week to now 3-4 Tattle surveys per day per location.


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“What Tattle has created is transformational. Tattle is an unobtrusive, easy way to forge meaningful customer relationships.”

Tom Selementi

SVP, Bluestone Lane Cafe

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