Case Study

3Fifteen Gains Full Visibility Into the Guest Experience with Tattle

How 3Fifteen moved from scattered online reviews to centralized reliable customer feedback data that drives operational changes.

Jeremy Johnson, Director of eCommerce

Getting people to review us while their experience is fresh is a game changer.

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The Challenge

Scattered, untimely feedback
“We were scraping text from online reviews, which wasn’t organized in a useful manner. It was really difficult to pass that on to our retail team in a digestible way,” said Jeremy Johnson, Director of eCommerce. 3Fifteen was struggling to get a complete picture of the customer experience from disorganized public reviews, and as a result couldn’t communicate any action plans down to the team.
Unreliable reviews
“People don’t always think to hop online and provide a review,” said Jeremy. And when they do, there’s often been significant time lapse between the experience and the review that it’s hard for the team to attribute the issue back to a specific factor or employee. In addition, decentralized reviews also mean that sometimes it can be difficult to identify the source of a review, and therefore the reliability of it.
The need for online visibility
Online discoverability is ever more important with the growing e-commerce demand. 3Fifteen needed a platform to increase online reviews and improve their Google rankings.
Internal communications and goal-setting
Without a feedback structure in place, 3Fifteen struggled to distill action items from the feedback, and as a result couldn’t communicate to the team to solve the issues, or set objectives at both a location and organization level to make steady progress.

The Tattle Solution

Centralized survey collection

Customers receive an automated survey email after a transaction through Tattle’s integration with AlpineIQ, and the 3Fifteen team can communicate with customers in real time to resolve any issues and prevent negative public reviews.

3Fifteen Tattle survey case study
AI-Driven improvement recommendations

Tattle surveys ask guests to rate the specific factors contributing to a positive or negative experience, and uses Machine Learning to recommend the top opportunities for improvement.

“Being able to ask customers specific questions about their experience was
probably one of the biggest advantages we’ve seen with Tattle,” said Jeremy.

3Fifteen Tattle 3Fifteen Tattle factor in operational categories
Boost online presence and Google rankings

Tattle can automatically prompt customers leaving the highest ratings to review 3Fifteen online. In less than a month, 3Fifteen saw both Grand Rapids locations
on the Google Maps 3-pack, securing the #1 and #3 positions for dispensaries in that area.

“We’ve been able to bolster our online reviews because of Tattle, which has
helped our Google rankings. The immediacy of this impact was huge for us,” said Jeremy.

3Fifteen Tattle automated Google review prompt
Easily set objective and communicate with the team

3Fifteen can set monthly objectives based on Tattle’s recommendation of the top opportunities, complemented with specific improvement areas for each category, all within an intuitive dashboard.

“The dashboard is so easy to read. That saves us a lot of time and effort to see
the data, respond to customers, and communicate effectively to the team,” said Dom Cassisi, Marketing Analyst

3Fifteen Tattle setting objectives

The Results

3Fifteen rolled out Tattle to all 12 of its locations within a week, receiving over 1,000 survey responses within just one week. Within just a few weeks, the team achieved a Customer Experience Rating higher than the industry average, and an average Incident Rate 5% below the industry average.


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“Being able to ask customers specific questions about their experience was
probably one of the biggest advantages we’ve seen with Tattle.”

Jeremy Johnson

Director of ECommerce, 3Fifteen

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