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How Bluestone Lane Went From Scattered Online Reviews to 1,300% More Actionable Feedback

Through Tattle’s proprietary Customer Experience Improvement platform, Bluestone Lane is controlling the online narrative and driving real operational change.

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“What Tattle has created is transformational.”

Tom Selementi
Senior Vice
Bluestone Lane

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The Objective

Increase Operationally-Actionable Feedback. Stat.

Bluestone Lane was suffering from ‘digital burnout’ from social media reviews.

Unsure of when a review was coming in, which location it was meant for, or even what the exact issues were, they couldn’t take operational actions based on social media reviews alone.

Additionally, given the sporadic and anecdotal nature of online reviews, the team struggled to get a complete picture of the overall guest experience. Such ambiguous, negative reviews inevitably was a thorn in the company’s side.

Brand Overview

Integrations: Olo, LevelUp
Locations: 60
Tattle partner since: 2021

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Guest Recovery

Solution #1

Granular And Holistic Feedback Surveys

Guests who ordered through Olo receive an automated Tattlesurvey, pre-populated with unique transaction data (location, time, ordering channel etc.).

Despite asking over 50 questions, these intuitive surveys are both easy and fast fill out (made clear by the 98.7% completion rate!), and ultimately uncover factors beyond ambiguous categories.

For example, instead of simply asking for an overall rating of Food Quality, Tattle ask about specific factors such as Temperature, Texture, Flavor, Spice, etc. in order to understand what contributed to a positive or negative Food Quality score.

Bluestone Lane was able to customize each survey to align with their operational processes, making the feedback they recieved actually useful.


Solution #2

Guest Recovery And Reputation Management

Because Bluestone Lane primarily dealt with online reviews, we trained them on our Guest Recovery dashboard.

This allows GMs and location-level teams to respond to unhappy guests and make things right. Because this feedback is private, it’s effectively intercepted from Yelp, Google, and Facebook, where the customer would have otherwise voiced their displeasure.

The dashboard also enabled Bluestone Lane to track individual customers and monitor their satisfaction across multiple visits. Top customers that have repeatedly submitted four or star star private Tattle reviews were automatically sent an email asking them to rate the brand highly on social media.

These efforts cleaned up and improved their social review profiles, ultimately getting them away from the pain of trying to generate actionable feedback from them.

Guest Recovery

The Results


Increase In Feedback Volume


Incident Reply Rate


Survey Completion Rate

Bluestone Lane

Bluestone Lane was able to drastically improve their operations, respond more quickly to guests, and have far better visibility into the customer experience.

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