June 15, 2016

Zaro’s Bakery & Your Pie Launches with Tattle

Zaro’s Bakery Background:

In 1927, Zaro’s Bakery was founded in Bronx, NY by Joseph Zaro who had taken the courageous journey Eastern Europe to Ellis Island, leaving his home and family to purse all the opportunity Lady Liberty had to offer. Upon arrival, Joseph saw an opportunity to start one of the best bakeries in America, Zaro’s Bakery. And he seized it.

Since 1927, Zaro’s has expanded from 1 location in the Bronx to 11 stores, notably operating in New York Metropolitan area’s Grand Central Station, Pennsylvania Station, and the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

Today, with 11 stores in the most competitive market in the world, Zaro’s has become a household name in the New York Metropolitan area synonymous with the unparalleled quality of its baked goods. Nearly 85 years later since Joseph Zaro came to America, Zaro’s Bakery still operates with a customer-centric approach as a fourth-generation-family owned and operating business, clinging strongly to its roots of quality, family, and opportunity. 

Your Pie Background:

In 2008, in Athens, Georgia, owner Drew French began the concept for Your Pie after visiting his wife’s family in Ischia, a small volcanic island located 19 miles from the city of Naples, Italy. It was on this small island that Drew became enamored with the region’s use of brick ovens and the perfectly-crisp doughs; smoky, earthy flavors, and the customizable, artisan pies that became its delectable bi-product. 

Inspired, French took the humbling experience home with him, and once his feet were planted back on American soil, he put himself to work. Two years later, Your Pie was born, perhaps with the inclusion of its Now most critical ingredient: settling the table for a fresh, homemade meal with friends and family.

Now, most widely known for its customizable 10 inch pizzas, build-your-own panini sandwiches and bread bowl salads, Your Pie has expanded to over 40+ locations, bringing the same authentic Ischia style approach to the Southeast. Today, Your Pie’s passion for food and family represent the pillars of their mission. 

Zaro’s Bakery and Your Pie Strategy:

Among the Marketing and Operating Teams at Zaro’s and Your Pie, each member makes a considerable effort to ensure its customers are having a unforgettable experience at its locations that exudes ‘community’. However, despite working tremendously hard to find the best locations, hire and train amazing staff, and deliver an amazing product and experience; they have discovered that they are missing feedback to complete the customer journey. 

In an effort to take ownership over its final customer datapoint, Zaro’s and Your Pie have launched with Tattle to ensure that they are collecting this ever important piece of information from their customer before they walk out the doors and share it with someone else. Across 5 Zaro’s locations and 2 Your Pie locations in Virginia, each team needed Tattle for the following reasons:

  • To collect more feedback in real-time from onsite guests
  • To get in front of poor reviews before they end up on social media sites
  • To maintain the ability to respond to their customers quickly and privately through our platform
  • To curate positive feedback through Tattle to Yelp on their own accord
  • To grow their business by nurturing the relationships of first time customers

With only 1% of Yelp users writing reviews, Zaro’s and Your Pie has quickly discovered the underserved customer base who has been desperately seeking to engage with their Marketing and Operations teams for more constructive communication.

Welcome to Tattle, Zaro’s and Your Pie!