July 18, 2016

World of Beer, 800 Degrees Pizza & Bottleneck Management Restaurant Group join Tattle

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World of Beer:

With over 75 locations across the country, World of Beer began in 2007 when 2 friends decided to open a tavern in Tampa, Florida focused on a welcoming vibe and delicious craft beer. Today, World of Beer is leading the unique, exploding cultural phenomenon of Craft Taverns. World of Beer gathers the best beers from around the world, offering incredible craft variety to the beer aficionado and casual beer fan alike. With 550+ beers on tap the obsession to offer the best beer selection drives operations bringing the amazing stories, people and cultures behind them.

World of Beer continues its rapid growth with new store openings in Gainesville, Florida and Rockville, Maryland. This craft beer focused tavern has clearly found a winning formula for keeping guests happy and coming back for a new taste of an interesting beer from around the World.

800 Degrees Pizza:

With 16 locations and plans to double in size over the next year, 800 degrees pizza is dedicated to building the best authentic Neapolitan pizza. Their commitment is to honor the heritage of Old World Italian tradition, where the integrity of ingredients is paramount. 800 degrees uses fresh Italian grown tomatoes, locally made mozzarella, and handcrafted crust made with flour from the ancient Molino Caputo in Naples, Italy. All of this is served with the best charcuterie and local vegetables. 

Anthony Carron created and founded the concept, looking to bring the 200-year old style pizza from Naples to the US. They use stone-hearth ovens created just for them that burn only mintwood to reach the required 800 degree temperature to cook the pizza to perfection. Customization is the name of the game here, allowing customers to create whatever kind of pizza they desire.

Bottleneck Management Restaurant Group: 

“Whenever somebody walks into a Bottleneck property, we want them to see a really unique, upbeat, vibrant atmosphere,” says Chris Bisaillon, Owner of Bottleneck. And Bottleneck Restaurant Group has achieved just that with 8 unique restaurants that thrive on a hospitality experience few others can match.

At the energetic intersection between one of the most extensive craft beer selections in the country and made-from-scratch American fare the team is dedicated to providing delicious food and drinks and above all else memorable guest experiences. This Chicago based-restaurant group began when 2 friends from Wesleyan left their respective careers and opened Trace in Wrigleyville in 2001 at the start of the baseball season. Although they have fared slightly better than the Cubs since then with the opening of the Boundary in Wicker Park and Sweetwater Tavern and Grille in the historic Michigan Avenue. Bottleneck opened up 5 more properties in Chicago and shows no signs of slowing down with recent expansion to its first locations outside of the city, with the opening of a 10,000 sq. foot property in Minneapolis and another in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

The Tattle Choice:

All 3-restaurant groups have made the creation of unforgettable customer experiences of paramount importance to their mission. Being able to have an open flow of digital communication between their customers and all their locations fits nicely with this ethos. Tattle also gives each the ability to identify their community of net-promoters, essential to their continued success. By creating a closed-loop approach to feedback Tattle’s platform allows these restaurants to understand the sentiment of their customers and know truly that the product they are achieving across all of their locations remains at the highest level of excellence.

Getting direct feedback has become essential to restaurants with so many other social media sites and open forums available to unhappy customers. Being able to capture feedback internally can help brands retain control of their online reputation, identify top promoters and build stronger relationships by responding directly to customers.

 Each team needed Tattle for the following reasons:

  • To collect more feedback in real-time from onsite guests
  • To get in front of poor reviews before they end up on social media sites
  • To maintain the ability to respond to their customers quickly and privately
  • To curate positive feedback through Tattle to Yelp on their own accord
  • To grow their business by nurturing the relationships of first time customers

Welcome to Tattle: World of Beer, 800 degrees and Bottleneck Management!