September 8, 2016

Tattle Releases the Digital Gift Card

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Today Tattle is excited to launch one of our most frequently requested features — digital gift cards. These gift cards can be attached to any outgoing emails allowing a business to create a one-on-one customer recovery relationship with a guest who Tattles.

Check out a 30-second video HERE showing how it works!

Actionable Data and Empathy Events

Here at Tattle we recognize that every data point, every piece of sentiment, every insight, comes from a living, breathing customer. So when a customer spends time giving your business feedback, they do so because they care about your brand. And inherent in that is opportunity.

Because of this, Tattle makes it easy to not only collect location-based intelligence but also, simplifies the ability to act on that data. Sending “thank you” emails for positive feedback or an “apology email” for a less-than stellar experience creates empathy events and builds stronger customer relationships. We also make it easy to retarget your community of evangelists and send a “Yelp review request” to help mobilize your net promoters.

The Digital Gift Card:

The digital gift card takes these empathy events one step further, allowing a business to close the loop on retention through our platform to achieve the following:

  • Improve customer recovery by responding to customers and attaching a digital reward of your choosing to your message instead of using standard mail
  • Drive purchases faster by utilizing the same remarketing tools for Digital Gift Certificates as your reward redemption process
  • Increase customer retention and save potential lost revenue

How It’s Being Utilized at Tattle:

Just like everything we do, all our products are customizable to fit your business needs. One of our QSR merchants is already utilizing this dynamic product and seeing results:

A customer that has identified themselves on a Tattle survey as a regular, coming in “1-2 times per week,” recently reported that after receiving a “meal that was cold and not what they even ordered,” they are “highly unlikely” to return.

The merchant wanted to save that customer and not lose the revenue. At an average lunch check size of $10 per visit, that regular equates to $20-$30 weekly, $80-$120 monthly and thousands in lost dollars over the course of a year.

In response they sent the customer an apology email within 10 minutes of that experience occurring, creating an empathy event. They did this knowing that if they resolve the issue quickly and to the customer’s satisfaction, they have a 95% chance of retaining that customer’s business.

Along with the apology email, they also sent a $10 digital gift card equating to one free meal. The customer responded privately to the business and said they were “impressed with their customer service and willing to give it another shot.”

There is a 30-day expiration on the reward and Tattle tracks the redemption- in this case the customer returned 14 days later. Now the merchant has a second chance to make magic and win the guest back over.

Every customer that shares their experience shows a business that they care about the brand and gives the company an opportunity to impress them with their customer service. Responding directly with incentives based on the customer’s specific experience gives the ability to go above-and-beyond, creating a customized program that fits the needs of your business while showing your customers how much you truly value them!