June 30, 2016

Tattle Releases Adaptive Surveys

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Tattle, Inc. is excited to launch one of our most requested features — adaptive surveys! Simply put, these surveys will change based on the previous answer a customer gives. Getting you the most emotionally charged information direct from your customers. 

Tattle: A Brief History

Tattle began with a few simple principles. We know that businesses work incredibly hard to provide magical experiences for their customers, build brand loyalty, and ultimately cultivate repeat customers. Yet we were struck by the fact that business owners had no good way to digitally close the feedback loop. Instead, they were forced to rely on customer-centric platforms like Yelp and Trip Advisor to collect feedback. With feedback being aired in such public forums, businesses lost control of their online reputation, their ability to fix issues as they arose, and to build relationships with their customers.

Early on a merchant said to me, “Yelp creates a brand for you whether you like it or not.” And the reality is, if feedback is given to make a service better than it should be given directly to the business so they can improve. Not be used to harm the online reputation of a merchant.

Tattle also set out to disrupt the only internal feedback process restaurants were utilizing: the old-school customer comment card. We did this simply by creating mobile-optimized surveys. By updating the antiquated pen-to- paper reflex, Tattle was able to collect feedback directly from any customer with a smartphone. By meeting customers where they are, Tattle has been able to collect 30-40 times more feedback from customers, with an especially high-adoption rate among millennials, a demographic critical for long-term retention.

Quality and Quantity

With such a dramatic increase in the amount of feedback, our next goal was to improve the quality of data we were collecting. The data we were receiving from customers in real time was much more vivid and emotionally charged than after-the- fact information. We called this onsite or experiential feedback- that is, sentiment data gleaned from a customer while interacting directly with a brand.

To maximize the amount of experiential feedback we were able to collect, we began geo-fencing our merchants’ locations. Tattle now collects 93% of our data from onsite customers. Not only does this provide the most vivid sentiment, but also affords a business owner or operator the opportunity to resolve an issue before a customer takes their feedback elsewhere.

Adaptive Surveys

As we continue to improve our offerings to our clients and provide them with ever more detailed feedback, Tattle has begun using adaptive surveys.

These surveys generate questions based on the previous response of the customer completing it. So they adapt to the answers of the customers delivering detailed feedback about what they care about most.

Adaptive surveys are more conversational. They utilized predetermined logic to react to the response of the customer, thus adapting to the user. Because of this adaptive surveys can pinpoint and uncover more while keeping the customer highly engaged.

How It’s Being Utilized at Tattle:

As an example, you might ask your customers the following question:

How often do you eat here?

1) 3-5 Times Weekly

2) 1-2 Times Weekly

3) 1-2 Times Monthly

4) This is my first time!

A customer selects answer #4. Great, Tattle has just identified a first time customer for you! What do you want to know from that guest? Perhaps what appealed to them to make that first visit. Was it word of mouth or one of your marketing efforts? So the next question might follow:

Great to have you! What made you want to dine with us today?

Next, another customer answers the above question by selecting #2. Now Tattle has identified a loyal customer who comes into your establishment multiple times a week! What do you want to know from that guest? Perhaps, more about their preferences and what keeps them coming back. So the next question might follow:

Welcome back! What do you typically order while you are here?

After all, every customer has a unique experience they want to share. Collecting data points that do not pertain to the unique experience of that specific guest is a waste. Tattle can now more fully obtain the most relevant information your customers provide while they are onsite interacting directly with your brand!