October 24, 2016

B.Good, Salsa Fiesta, Bluestone Lane and The Lure Group join Tattle

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Started by two friends who grew up together, Anthony Ackil & Jon Olinto had a vision to disrupt the fast-food industry by offering their customers real food fast. With this in mind, b.good was launched in 2004 in Boston. With a focus on local food that comes from people not factories, Anthony & Jon set out to get their products from small local farmers who did not use any antibiotics or hormones.

As boys, Anthony and Jon grew up eating Uncle Faris’ homemade food. So it was that they longed for healthier food options in the fast-food space. With a focus on team and community, b.good has grown rapidly to 36 stores throughout Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and North Carolina. Uncle Faris would always say – “take it easy”, “live life”, and most of all “be good”. And this advice has become the mission statement for this budding, healthy, farm-to-table QSR.

Salsa Fiesta:

This family-owned and operated chain of urban wholesome Mexican food, is setting out to change the fast-causal space with a focus on customer service, quality, and efficiency. Specializing in gourmet burritos, tacos, classic tortas, salads, soups and homemade salsas, the company is consistently offering an attractive variety of dishes.

Salsa Fiesta strives to provide real food. No low quality ingredients are acceptable in their philosophy. With a passion for selecting the best flavors available in the fields to ensure the best quality ingredients of each and every dish, Salsa Fiesta offers an experience that is fresh and appealing to their customers. Their menu resembles those of fine dining restaurants, with the same quality but the convenience of a fast casual atmosphere.

The Lure Group:

The Lure Group is New York City’s premiere multifaceted nightlife and events entertainment group. Comprising several major NYC venues including Slate, Governors Club, Ambrose Beer and Lobster, Clinton Hall and West End Hall. The Lure Group offers everything from VIP bottle service and world-class sound systems to relaxing outdoor dining and casual comfort. With each venue meticulously created to support the finest in entertainment, event and dining, The Lure Group’s signature elements unite elegance and brilliance within each space.

Bluestone Lane:

Missing the Australian, Melbourne Cafe experience he had grown up with when he arrived in NYC to attend Business School in 2010, Nicholas Stone made up his mind to bring that experience to the US. He began by opening Bluestone Lane Coffee on Perry Street with a commitment to changing people’s perceptions of coffee. With a focus on making the coffee experience relevant and less about addressing a need for caffeine. Bluestone Lane is turning locals into connoisseurs, fastidious about the quality of coffee they consume and the way it is served.

Bluestone Lane has quickly been embraced by the locals as an escape of sorts from the hustle and bustle of NY because of the transformative quality of the design and feel of their cafes. And with a menu that is about healthy, high-quality, nutritional product that tastes delicious it is no wonder that Bluestone Lane continues its rapid expansion. Bluestone Lane continues to make strong connection with customers throughout NY who want more from their coffee shops adding 9 more stores in the coming year.

The Tattle Choice:

All 4 restaurants have made the creation of unforgettable customer experiences of paramount importance to their mission. Being able to have an open flow of digital communication between their customers and all their locations fits nicely with this ethos. Tattle also gives each the ability to identify their community of net-promoters, essential to their continued success. By creating a closed-loop approach to feedback Tattle’s platform allows these restaurants to understand the sentiment of their customers and know truly that the product they are receiving across all of their locations remains at the highest level of excellence.

Getting direct feedback has become essential to restaurants with so many other social media sites and open forums available to unhappy customers. Being able to capture feedback internally can help brands retain control of their online reputation, identify top promoters and build stronger relationships by responding directly to customers.

Each team needed Tattle for the following reasons:

  • compare analytics and trends across all their locations
  • seamlessly respond back to customers with Thank You’s, Apologies, Digital Gift Cards and Yelp Review Requests
  • prevent negative sentiment from ending up on open forums and social sites
  • streamline and centralize their website and onsite feedback processes 

Welcome to Tattle: B.Good, Salsa Fiesta, The Lure Group and Bluestone Lane Coffee!