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Blaze Pizza Uncovers Factors Affecting Order Accuracy with Tattle

Actionable feedback starts with surveys designed to give operations teams detailed, granular data points.

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Blaze Pizza Tattle Feedback

The Objective

Translating Guest Feedback into Actionable Insights

For years, Blaze Pizza had been collecting guest feedback. However, most feedback was either generic ratings of a high-level category, or paragraphs of anecdotes that are hard to digest.  As a result, the Blaze Pizza team struggled to derive actionable plans from the reviews they were receiving.

While the team understood that an operational category, i.e. Accuracy, was underperforming, they could not identify specifically what was causing the issue in order to solve the problem.

Brand Overview

Integrations: Olo, Punchh
Locations: 300+
Tattle partner since: 2019

Solution #1

Identify Top Factors Affecting Each Operational Category

Blaze Pizza Launched with Tattle’s causation-based survey, which collects ratings of each factor that affect an operational category. For example, in addition to an overall rating on a category such as “Food Quality”, the survey will go on to ask for a rating for each specific factors affecting Food Quality, such as Texture, Temperature, Presentation and more.

This one-of-a-kind survey format can be customized to each location, and allowed the Blaze Pizza team to zoom into exactly what was affecting their Order Accuracy scores.

Guest Recovery
Guest Recovery

Solution #2

Understanding Correlation Between Operational Factors and Satisfaction

Blaze Pizza was able to identify that Topping Distribution accounted for 61% of all reported inaccurate orders, and was the prevailing factor causing guest dissatisfaction. To be more specific, they discovered that Veggies and Meats were the topping combination that led to the most uneven distribution incidents.

They realized that even if the pizza is prepared correctly, if each slice didn’t get the same amount of toppings, guests would complain about the Order Accuracy (i.e. the person who didn’t get a single pepperoni on his or her slice would think the order is inaccurately prepared).

As a result, Blaze Pizza implemented a “double-triple check” policy at their Ops Summit to ensure that multiple people confirm an even topping distribution before a pizza is handed to the customer. Since then, their Food Accuracy score has steadily increased month over month.

The Results


Increase in Accuracy Satisfaction


5-Star Survey Responses


Survey Completion Rate

Blaze pizza Tattle case study

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