"We believe guest feedback is a critical layer of our guest engagement funnel. Tattle has allowed us to collect vastly more feedback than any of our prior partners, allowing our team to finally retain the conversation around guest feedback internally. Building a culture that incorporates voice of customer is only as strong as the feedback volume, Tattle ensures we remain statistically representative across all our stores." - James Park, Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh, CEO

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Feedback as a predictor of revenue

"Correlating revenue with guest satisfaction is a major priority for our team. Tattle allows us the ability to collect structured, guest sentiment data pertaining the to various aspects of a guest's experience. If revenue is an echo of store performance today, feedback from previous months is the leading indicator. When we know feedback and revenue correlate, we can make predictive bets on how and where we need to allocate resources at each of our stores."  - Kwame Spearman, b.good, Chief Business Officer

customer experience and training

"Marketing and Human Resources have been largely siloed departments throughout the years when they really need to work in tandem. Tattle allows our team to collect the necessary feedback from our guests to take immediate action in coaching, supporting and training our staff to deliver an all-around unforgettable guest experience. Team members should be seen as your front line of Marketing and with this tool we can address HR & Marketing’s needs." - Ty Sullivan, fresh&co, Customer Experience Management Director (CXM)