Tattle to Power the Bacon and Beer Classic

Bacon and Beer in at CitiField! You heard us. 

So, while the lineup may not feature a Matt Harvey, DeGrom, or Cespedes, it will certainly feature everyone's favorite party guests in a delectable assortment of bacon and beer. I agree--the combination is tough to beat!

On Friday, April 22nd, and Saturday, April 23rd, your favorite restaurants and breweries will take the field and serve bacon and beer delights to mark the 3rd Annual Bacon and Beer Classic. Among the community heavy hitters will include, Bareburger, Bill's Burgers, Blue Smoke, and many others, along with local breweries in Blue Point, Six Point, Samuel Adams, and of course, many more. 

To add an extra sizzle to this year's already robust lineup, the Bacon and Beer Classic team will be partnering with Tattle to power the People's Choice Award through our 'Real-Time Voting' platform to declare a Bacon and Beer Classic Winner from onsite attendees. At past Bacon and Beer Classic events, winners were typically crowned via thumbtack voting system, where attendees pooled thumbtacks on the breweries and bacon participants of their choice. Naturally, much of the general excitement was lost as the People's Choice Award remained uncelebrated during the event until the very end. 

Due to the accessibility of attendees’ smart phones, Tattle has created a branded Bacon and Beer web page (tattleapp.com/baconandbeer) where attendees will vote on the best beer or bacon participant the moment they're ready, all to be displayed on the CitiField jumbotron in real-time for enhanced transparency, competitiveness, and overall excitement!

We are incredibly excited to be partners for this event and look forward to seeing everyone take the field this coming weekend!

Alex Beltrani