That’s right! Your favorite Chelsea Market event is back!

The ultimate celebration of chili, beer, and all things spicy is coming back to Chelsea Market on January 31, 2016 from 7-9PM. Each ticket to the 2016 NYChiliFest gives you access to a 800-foot concourse of chili, served by dozens of NYC’s best restaurants and cutting edge chefs, all competing for the Golden Chili Mug 2016 title. Not to mention, Samuel Adams is matching 4 of their favorite chili-eating beers and will be pouring from several locations in the concourse.

To sprinkle a little more kick on top of an already spicy restaurant and sponsor line-up, NYChilifest will be partnering with Tattle to power a ‘real-time voting system’ in order to determine by popular vote the Golden Chili Mug 2016 title from onsite attendees.

At past events, determining Golden Chili Mug Winners consisted of a chip and bucket counting system, where attendees were given a wooden chip upon entrance to be placed in the respective bowl of their favorite chili chef, all to be tallied at the end of the event. Historically, attendees misplace their wooden chips or forgot they have them, and, once the official tally takes place, the counting process is far more time consuming than the NYChilifest team bargains for.

Due to the accessibility of attendees’ smart phones, Tattle has created a white label NYChilifest ‘real-time voting system and Leaderboard’ where attendees can place their sole vote on the best Chili in NYC the moment they’re ready to make their decision. Moreover, all attendee votes will be displayed via a projector for enhanced transparency, competitiveness, and overall excitement!

Alex Beltrani