Bark Hot Dogs and Tattle are teaming up to bring an event to the people of the West Village in New York City. On September 2nd from 4 – 6pm, a launch party event will be held at Bark Hot Dogs, located at 155 Bleecker Street to introduce the release of Bark’s new and exciting product – ice cream hot dogs.

Bark is teaming up with Tattle to get the inside scoop on what people think of their new product. Tattle will allow people to fill out surveys and express their opinion of the ice cream hot dogs.

Not only will event goers be able to get a free ice cream hot dog to try, but they will also receive another free item for Tattling to use on their next visit to Bark.

Tattle is an iOS and Android app that allows people to give their feedback to local businesses by filling out a survey; they then receive a reward from that business for their participation. Tattle allows businesses to receive private feedback from their customers. This private feedback allows the businesses to collect valuable and actionable insight into operations, engage with customers, and increase customer retention.

Bark Hot Dogs opened in 2009 and has been serving happy customers ever since. Their artisan approach to American fast food has captured the palates of many customers as they serve up salad, burgers, shakes, chicken, fries and of course – some of the best hot dogs around.

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Alex Beltrani